Spring is here – or not…

Hey Spring… where art thou?…I know you’ve arrived because all the daffodils have popped out and the crocuses are out but somehow the weather seems to have stayed in the time warp of winter.  Oh for some blue skies and and warmth.  Still, not to worry …just like the buses the season of lambs will be here soon – visably, at least.  Anyway, enough of my longing for warmer climatic conditions.

Just thought I would at last post a couple of photos of hats… I have just finished making one this weekend – only a few hours work and it came out quite nicely.

The first one is in khaki or T.A. Green, as I call it, and made to order.  I’ve also done some others and mounted them on a cookie jar – I must get a wig stand – but I thought the cookie jar would suffice until I get a proper wig stand.



The purple one is just a tad smaller than the first version.  I have loads more to post but will get round to it tomorrow.   Hopefully…

Been gone too long!


I’ve been so busy lately, I have just not had time to update my blog from my very first entry!

But that is set to change 🙂

I have been knitting and crocheting and updating my folky shop WILLOW GREEN.  Such hard work but having fun at the same time.  My daughter is helping me but also complaining because I keep using her to model my designs.  It might be a bit annoying but needs must!  The young just have no patience.  Bless her.  She’s not a bad kid.

Anyway, one of my favourite makes recently is my BERT THE BEAR beanie hat.  My daughter tried it on and she really likes it.  She posted it facebook and Instagram and received positive feedback.

Here’s what I’m on about!

Bert the Bear

I’m really pleased with it and am in the process of making more.  I have one of them which is available in my shop now 🙂  And I think I will be making some for children as well.

Take a visit to my shop and let me know what you think!


Hello world!

15th July 2012

Well, here goes… my first foray into blogging.  It has taken me a few hours not to mention some snippy words with my daughter to get this up and running.  I am a little bit of a technophobe so the air was a little strained.  However, here I am…  I have done a little knitting and crochet but not as much as I would normally do today and though it is a little late in the day I will get right back to my needles and hook…

Hoping for a good Summer’s day

This is the back of this summer top that has been hanging around for well over a year.  I have a large stash, as any knitter worth his or her salt has, and I just can’t seem to finish it… anyway I have decided that this is the summer that probably isn’t, bad weather and all, but I WILL finish this garment once and for all.

This is a baby girl’s jumper or dress that I designed with garter stitch on the hem, neck, shoulders and sleeve edging.  The details has not photographed as I would have liked but it is very sweet.  I love the autumnal colours and the bootees are gorgeous.  I may add a flower or button to the boottees.